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The lightning link, just like rails and axels, join two parts of a machine together. The lightning link is the most advanced (and expensive) of these joints; allowing the distance and rotation of the joint to be signal controlled


The lightning link can always have its length controlled but its rotation control is variable and can be changed by interacting

Mode Behaviour
Unrotated The connector will rotate such that it has the same rotation as the base
Locked The connector will keep the same rotation as it had when it was locked
Controlled by input signal The connector will rotate according to the signals applied to its ports (see ports table). In this mode what axes are signal controlled can be set. Non controlled axes will be unrotated

The ports of the lightning link (interact with the block to change the port) have the following effects. The port on each size can be changed by shift interacting

Port Effect
LightningControlDistance.png Signals to this port control how long the link is (i.e. how far away the connector is from the base)
LightningControlXRotation.png Signals to this port apply force to the x axis of the connector
LightningControlYRotation.png Signals to this port apply force to the y axis of the connector
LightningControlByArray.png Signals to this port are interpreted as a vector, controlled the X, Y and length all in one input

This is a Future feature